Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve first posted because I’ve been pretty busy… To see why I’ve been so busy click on this link ☞hereBut, guess what…

NOVEMBER IS HERE & it’s already moving so quickly. Which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’m even more excited than usual because this will be my FIRST THANKSGIVING AS A MARRIED WOMAN! Woo hoo!

Anyways to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving I’ve decided to join everyone in the world of Facebook and do a Thirty Days of Thanks, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving or what have you. I’m doing it on this blog because I want the freedom to be lengthy & sincere without having to think about how many likes I could get (let’s be honest). I want to be able to save every moment of thankfulness so I can come back to these posts on the days that I’m feeling less than grateful. I want to get creative & share pictures & moments that made me thankful. I’m also doing it on this blog because it just feels more intimate than Facebook or Instagram & these Days of Thankfulness are coming straight of the pages of my journal!


My plan is to share five days worth of thanks in each post but we’ll see what happens…

Day 1: I’m so thankful for my husband & the opportunity we have to serve our Creator together in worship. It is an extreme honor & privilege that neither one of us takes lightly. It was always one of the desires of my heart was that my future husband and I would be able to do music & worship together so to be living out this dream is way too exciting for me.


☝ Pat & I leading worship at Calvary Chapel’s U-Turn For Christ, Greenville, TN. 11/1/13

I tell him on pretty much a daily basis that there is NO ONE else I would rather be married to and I truly mean it. God has definitely brought us together and I’m seeing why more & more each day.

Day 2: I’m thankful for the Elder’s. I had prayed for friendships before Patrick & I made our way to Knoxville and God has totally blessed us with Ebo & Amy. We really love hanging out with them and their girls.

☝ A picture I took of them at a party on 11/2/13

☝ A picture I took of them at a party on 11/2/13 (how good looking is this family?!)

Day 3: I’m really thankful for Calvary Knoxville, I’m thankful God has brought Patrick & me here. It’s so awesome to be apart of a church that is healthy and full of people that are hungry for God’s word, that they show up to not be entertained but to be taught. I’m thankful that the teaching is done verse by verse so I get the full counsel of God’s word. I’m also thankful that though we’ve only been here a couple of weeks it already feels like home.

The church sign right off the highway.

The church sign right off the highway.

Day 4: I’m thankful for Tennessee autumns! I’ve truly not seen any season more beautiful anywhere. Pat & I kind of live in the mountains right now and it has been a stunningly, stellar season. The mountains have turned this fiery, fierce orange color that literally takes your breath away when you just stop and stare for a bit. No iPhone or camera could capture the beauty and do it justice.

This captures the joy that I too feel for fall!

This captures the joy that I too feel for fall!

photo 2

The giant oak trees I’m sitting under.

Greenville, TN.

Some body of water in Knoxville… Can’t remember the name. I just made Pat pull of the highway so we could go explore.

Day five: I’m thankful for God’s word. I’m thankful that it truly is a lamp to my feet & a light unto my path. I’m thankful that it is living & active and full of power. I’m thankful that it discerns my thoughts and intentions. Thankful that it brings change and correction.

Rainbow bible pages. ♥

Rainbow bible pages. ♥

Well, there are my first five days! What are you thankful for? Feel free to share in the comments below or give me a link to where you’re sharing!

♥Gianna Joy


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