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Happy New Year!

I know, I’m a little late but it’s still January which technically means the year is still new. Right?

Some journal doodles from the beginning of the year...

I’ve actually taken a hiatus from social media (sometimes you just need a break) so, I guess my blog got was on a break too but not intentionally…

I’ve been pretty busy with good things (mostly). I’ve been working on some New Year’s Resolutions, helping lead worship at church, working in general and I’ve been completely sucked into the show Nikita which got canceled- booo! Oh, and I just started a photography class at UT! So, I am a busy girl.

Anyways… At the start of the year I started to do some self-evaluation (the New Year tends to do that to us) and I came up with some goals and things I’d really like to put in focus this year. The top one being my marriage, second being my musicianship and third working on my skills as a photographer.

I broke that list down and came up with 6 things I wanted to work on specifically and I’m going to share a few with y’all:

1. Cook more- eat out less. Patrick and I would like to be healthier so we’ve started meal planning and we’ve gotten a lot better at grocery shopping. We eat a lot more veggies now. 🙂 This one falls under the category of marriage.

2. Social Media break. I started on the first day- it wasn’t a well thought-out plan- I just woke up that morning and decided I needed to focus on other things than Facebook & Instagram- one huge thing being my marriage. I needed to spend less time on the phone/computer and more time being present at home, in the car, wherever Patrick and I find ourselves. And you know what? Things have been a lot better for the both of us. It’s awesome.

3. Write one song a month. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a song- before I was married was actually the last time. There’s a lot of excuses that I can use for that but NO MORE. I did this goal in 2012 and I wrote so many songs because “The more creativity you use, the more you have”. 2012 was my most productive year as a musician but I’m hoping 2014 will be even better. January is almost up and I still don’t have my song… But, I will!

4. One photo shoot a month– creative, family, etc… I haven’t done this one yet either because I just started my class at UT like two days ago. But, I’m hoping I’ll get some fun stuff in the next few days… I really want to do something with photography because I absolutely love it. I’ve always loved taking pictures and I want to take my knowledge and skills to the next level.

The actual page these resolutions came from... January 3, 2014

The actual page these resolutions came from…
January 3, 2014

I would love to know what your goals or resolutions for the new year were. Share with me! Post in the comments or post a link to your space in the blogging world.

Let’s hold each other accountable?

♥Gianna Joy

p.s. Today would’ve been my mom’s 59th birthday- Crazy. Happy birthday, mom! You are missed more than you could know. ♥♥♥